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STEP 5 Basic Training with

S5 for Windows®, 5 Days 

Scheduled S5 training classes in English in our training facility in Michelstadt, Germany.

Target Group:

The training is tailored for employees responsible for maintenance of S5 PLC’s on the shop floor. Basic skills in the STEP® 5 programming language will be taught to enable an employee to analyze and find S5 PLC related problems, correct existing programs or generate new PLC programs. The participants will learn the layout and function of Simatic S5 PLC. They will configure and start up an S5 PLC. They will become familiar with the standardized PLC structure and corresponding programs. They will recognize the differences between the various block types and program designs. They will be able to diagnosis quickly and implement fixes as needed. All these skills will be reinforced by programming exercises.


Basic knowledge of a PC and automation systems.

Topics covered:

  •  S5 for Windows® System Overview.
  •  PLC program structure using STEP® 5.
  •  S5 for Windows® Tools to generate, troubleshoot and to test PLC Programs.
  •  S5 for Windows® Online functions.
  •  Data Blocks and Data Types; Function Blocks.
  •  Indirect addressing; Substitution Statements.
  •  Analog value processing

Exercises to reinforce what is learned will be available for each subject. Each student is provided with their own training equipment. The workstations (PC) are equipped with the required software. In addition to the programming software
S5 for Windows® a Software PLC, (compatible to the S5 CPU 945) is installed as a training tool to be programmed with the STEP® 5 language. To display and manipulate the data from the Software PLC (lights, switches, etc.) the visualization software “InTouch® by Wonderware®” is installed.
Extensive course documentation is given out to the participant.


We can train a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 6 students at our training facility in
Michelstadt, Germany.
Training cost on request.
The Training Class fee must be paid–in–full 15 days prior to your class date.
Additionally we can quote on-site training for companies anywhere in the world.

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