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User workshop IBH Link UA:
Embedded OPC UA server / client for Simatic controllers, 2 days

Course description:

The workshop is aimed at users who want to implement an OPC UA connection with the following controllers: S5, S7-200®, S7-300®, S7-400®, S7-1200®, S7-1500® and Logo!® with integrated Industrial Ethernet interface and other controllers with Modbus TCP connection.


Knowledge of the SIEMENS programming languages STEP® 7 and TIA Portal® and handling of a PC under Windows®.

Course content:

•  IBH Link UA eset up with the web browser.
•  Unified Automation UaExpert - The OPC UA Client Test Software.
•  Connecting the IBH Link UA to an S7 300/400 CPU with Ethernet port via SIMATIC® Manager or TIA Portal®.
•  IBH Link UA - Historical Data.
•  IBH Link UA - OPC UA client function.
•  IBH Link UA - TIA Portal® - Connection of a CPU 312 via IBH Link S7++.
•  IBH Link UA - Connection of a S5 CPU 103U.
•  IBH Link UA - Configuration with the IOPC UA Editor.
•  IBH Link UA - Configuration of the integrated SoftPLC with STEP® 7 (SIMATIC® Manager).
•  IBH Link UA - Alarms and Conditions.

In the theoretical part of the user workshop, the possibilities and functions of the IBH Link UA will be presented. Subsequently, the commissioning and function of the IBH Link UA will be discussed based on different practical examples and exercises as well as the various possibilities of the cloud connection will be discussed.