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STEP 5 und  STEP 7 Schulungen STEP 5 and  STEP 7 Training Classes
S5 Lehgang, S7 Lehrgang S5 Training Class, S7 Training Class
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TTI  Ing. Büro B. Peter Schulz-Heise
Stadtring 207
64720 Michelstadt
Tel. +49 6061 3382
Fax +49 6061 71162


Wir führen öffentliche Lehrgänge (S7 Kurs, Step 7 Kurs, S5 Kurs, S7 Kurs) in unserem Schulungsraum in Michelstadt zu vorgegebenen Zeiten durch.
Trans Tech International provides cost effective Training Classes" for the Siemens S5 and S7 PLC’s.
In the US and other sites around the world we provide On-Site S5 and S7 Programming Training Classes.